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Intense and emotional This is an intense and emotional ride. I think it's brave of you to share this but also it's something that can maybe help others in similar situations. Sprinkling it with humor is a nice touch too. This...

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A Marvel! Beautifuly told life story.  It makes me think that you can turn every event into an amusing story worth telling. Congratulations and best wishes

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Touching, emotive and powerful This is without doubt one of the most touching, emotive and powerful pieces of true life writing on the Harper Collins site. I consider you a hugely courageous person for committing this to paper and pray...

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Mark Hirst

Posted on : 14-10-2010 | By : Siàn Banks | In : Testimonials



What a fantastic read and such a brave thing to do!

My copy of the book was delivered on Friday and I could not put it down and finished it yesterday (Monday). Full of some brave, touching, witty and downright funny stories – this book had me laughing out loud on the train in parts and getting some very funny looks, but I do not care.

We always think of autobiographies being “for the rich and famous” however this is the story of an everyday person overcoming some obstacles and issues that most of us can only imagine and as such becoming anything other than “everyday”.

Well done Sian – you deserve all the success in the world and I cannot recommend this book highly enough to anyone!!

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