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Intense and emotional This is an intense and emotional ride. I think it's brave of you to share this but also it's something that can maybe help others in similar situations. Sprinkling it with humor is a nice touch too. This...

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A Marvel! Beautifuly told life story.  It makes me think that you can turn every event into an amusing story worth telling. Congratulations and best wishes

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Touching, emotive and powerful This is without doubt one of the most touching, emotive and powerful pieces of true life writing on the Harper Collins site. I consider you a hugely courageous person for committing this to paper and pray...

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Gerry McCullough

Posted on : 06-10-2010 | By : Siàn Banks | In : Testimonials


gillyflower wrote 175 days ago

Your pitch is interesting and attractive and made me want to read this book. You have sad episodes, serious episodes, but above all, funny episodes. I loved your introductory chapter, where you told the careers’ teacher that you already had a job as a Dolphin Trainer, although it was far from the truth. I like the way your mind wanders from one thing to another in your past life; for instance, you tell us about leaving school, remember some of the things that happened there, such as the murder of a girl by her brother on the games field; and then go off to tell us about the murder you were involved in yourself. This is told in such a light, entertaining way that we hardly realise what a serious business it was. You are a skillful writer, with a relaxed, easy narrative voice, and you hook us in quickly to want to read more. Backed.

Gerry McCullough, Belfast Girls.

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