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Intense and emotional This is an intense and emotional ride. I think it's brave of you to share this but also it's something that can maybe help others in similar situations. Sprinkling it with humor is a nice touch too. This...

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A Marvel! Beautifuly told life story.  It makes me think that you can turn every event into an amusing story worth telling. Congratulations and best wishes

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Touching, emotive and powerful This is without doubt one of the most touching, emotive and powerful pieces of true life writing on the Harper Collins site. I consider you a hugely courageous person for committing this to paper and pray...

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Carl Ashmore

Posted on : 06-10-2010 | By : Siàn Banks | In : Testimonials


carlashmore wrote 169 days ago

This is such an entertaining read. For some reason, I was expecting a rather frivolous tale. But there is so much more to it than that. Told with joy, pain, gutwrenching honesty and a lovely sense of humour, this is just a book that I feel deserves to be out there. I read four chapters and the time just flew. I found nothing to nitpick so I’ll just offer my congratulations.
Good luck and backed
Carl Ashford
The Time hunters

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